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Facts about CIPPON

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Mission Statement

The Institute Shall;


Proffer Advice to the federal and state Governments on printing activities. Collect, Process and disseminate all printing data and information within and outside Nigeria.


Promote and encourage original work and research, or development leading to innovation in the science and art of printing, bookbinding, graphics design and graphic communication and to publish all useful result of such research.


Register and categorize printing houses in Nigeria. On the basis of area of specialization as it relates to the types of job that a printer or printing house should handle and the equipment possessed by such individual or corporate body.


Ensure that no firm or partnership shall practice as printers in Nigeria unless it is registered by the council. Unless a person is a registered “Member” with the Institute he is not qualified to be appointed or promoted to any senior or executive position in the printing and allied industry.


Prescribe the form of license to be issued annually. The Institute shall restrict the right to practice as a printing Practitioner in default of payment of the amount of the Annual subscription.


It is the Institute Vision to maintain Professional integrity and to be Economy Solution Provider.




To maintain professional integrity and to be Economy Solution Provider.




Printing commenced in Nigeria as far back as 1848, with the establishment of printing presses by individuals, governments, and corporate organizations as well as missionaries, which spread all across the country.


Since inception, and till 2007, no law as in place to regulate the professional activities of printing practitioners.


A Professional Printing Association, Association of Professional Printers of Nigeria (ASSPPON) which originated from Shomolu Local Government Area in 1993, initiated and promoted a Bill between 2003 - 2007 for the establishment of the Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON).


Somolu, the largest printers concentrated area in Nigeria, is the heart of printing in Africa, and it is by no means an act of God for the choice of the area as the take-off of the struggle of the printers liberation in Nigeria.





Association of Professional Printers of Nigeria was duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Abuja since 1996.


The formation of the Association was conceived, when it was apparent that the printing profession was on the verge of collapse, due to unethical practices that had enveloped the profession in Nigeria.


Prior to the formation of ASSPPON, all the existing notable printing associations had different aims and objectives which made it difficult for them to provide solutions to the problems bedeviling the profession and practitionersin Nigeria.


While one of the printing associations was registering corporate print establishments with at least 25 staff strength, another organization had printing lecturers and students from tertiary institutions in Nigeria as its membership.


The leadership of the Association of Professional Printers of Nigeria (ASSPPON) was in constant communication and meetings with all the existing Printing associations as well as other relevant industry stakeholders on the development regarding the Printers Bill in the National Assembly.


As industry major stakeholders, the ASSPPON executives joined the Nigerian Publishers Association as a meeting with the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obasanjo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.


The meeting was at the instance of the presidency to chart the way forward on book publications and other print related matters in Nigeria.


The Bill was Vigorously and logically promoted at the National Assembly through the following ASSPPON Executives:


  1. Wahab A. O. Muhammed Lawal, Fcippn
  2. Rev. Kayode Odunayo Sosanya, Fcippn
  3. Alhaji Sani A. Garkida, Fcippn
  4. Mallam Ndagi Mohammed Abubakar, Fcippn
  5. Rev. Nnorom Okechukwu, Fcippn


assppon honoured invitations for meetings with various printing associations and allied bodies


Group Photograph taken after the meeting held at Onye-Euston Limited, 2 Akinmade Street, Anthony Village, Lagos on invitationfrom former IOPN to Association of Professional Printers of Nigeria (ASSPPON)




Thursday February 12, 2004 mared another day for printing in Nigeria as it was a day when Association of Prfessional Printers of Nigeria (ASSPPON) and Association of Nigerian Printers (ANP) met at Ilupeju, Lagos, to discuss the way forward for the printing industry in Nigeria.


The Chairman of the day Mr. Babs Fashadu, executive director Academy Press highlighted some of the circumstances that led to the meeting, which he said was as a result of the visit by ASSPPON executives to their office. He said he was delighted and overwhelmed by the past and present line up of activities andprogrammes by ASSPPON. These programmes and activities he continued have made a great and commendable impact in the industry.


In his submission, the immediate past president of Association of Nigerian Printers (ANP), Chief J. I. Omoniyi, let the cat out of the bag, by admitting the facts that ASSPPON members consulted with them for membership which they declined, going by the provisions in their constitution which did not accommodate individual membership.


Joseph Babs Fashanu
Chief J. I. Omoniyi
Executive Director - Academy Press Plc.
Corporate Member, ANP
Immediate Past President - ANP




Group photograph taken after the meeting facilitated by Heidelberg Nigeria Ltd with ASSPPON, ANP and former IOPN Executives held at Heidelberg office in Ilupeju, Lagos.


ASSPPON at a meeting with Nigerian Publishers Association onthe proposal to the Federal Government regarding matters relating to Printing & Publishing.


National Executive members of the Association of Professional Printers of Nigeria (ASSPPON) at the inauguration of Ogun State Chapter of the Association.


Nigerian Publishers Association with executive members of Association of Professional Printers of Nigeria (ASSPPON), (An affiliate body to CIPPON) held meeting with the President Olusegun Obasanjo (8th from right / arrow) at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on matters relating to Printing and Publishing.